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Rapid deployment poles solve a variety of problems and can be delivered and operational - carrying an active radio link - in less than half of a day.
Different types are available to meet varying project requirements. Hinged-pole models provide ease of equipment installation, allow troubleshooting and retro tting without the need to climb, and eliminate the need for bucket trucks when service or technology maintenance becomes necessary. Ballasted rapid deployment poles are available from 20' AGL to 60' AGL and are a great solution for critical communi- cations that need to get on-line, fast.
In most cases, poles can easily be deployed without the need for municipal intervention in regards to foundation design, review, or approval. Simply load the ballast tray with aggregate, according to tower
height, and you have a tower solution that
Light and medium-duty poles from 20' AGL to 60' AGL are available with various load capacities and feature the follow- ing:
- Multiple installation options including direct embedment, screw-in pier, and ballasted base frame
- No concrete foundation needed; aggregate back ll
- Climbable versions with removable step pegs and integrated
3/8" cable safety climb
- Hinged versions for easy accessibility and no need to climb
can be permanent, or easily picked up and relocated.
Heavy-duty direct embedment monopoles from 60' AGL to 100' AGL are available and offer easy installation without a concrete foundation and “truck to transmitting” in less than half of a day:
- Provides a structure to handle multiple antennas, security cameras, and other devices
- Excellent option to use as a collection point for RTUs, well heads, mobile assets, etc.
- Acts as an inexpensive strategic asset in your network point- to-point backbone
- Fully engineered design: know exactly what you can deploy on your structure
- Perfect solution for creating a mid-point repeater point in a compromised LOS application
Primus is one of the largest suppliers of infrastructure steel materials in the country. Not only do we provide towers and antennas for radio systems, we also provide engineered/designed products to safely support other components such as antenna products on towers, poles, buildings, etc. In addi- tion to the supporting steel products on structures, Primus also provides all the necessary ancillary products required for cable support, routing, and grounding along the RF path.
- Microwave dish mounts for towers, poles, and buildings
- Panel, omni, and yagi side arm mounts - Sector frames
- Chain mounts for steel or wood poles - Tie-backs/stabilizers
- Wall/roof/water tank mounts
- Cabinet/solar panel supports

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