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Regardless of your operating frequencies, we can satisfy your needs with our extensive inventory of cabling, connectors, and acces- sories. Whether your system is utilizing CAT 5/6 type, braided 50 or 75-ohm cables, corrugated foam cables, elliptical waveguide for microwave backhaul, air-dielectric for broadcast, or even  ber, the cable component is an integral part of our bundled solution offering.
- Stocked braided products from LMR100 through LMR600, 9913, basic RG-8, etc.
- 50-ohm foam corrugated cables in stock from 1/4" through 1-5/8"
- Elliptical waveguide in stock covering 5.6 GHz to 7.125 GHz and 10.2 GHz and 11.7 GHz - In-stock air-dielectric cable in 7/8", 1-5/8", and 3" sizes
- Plenum-jacket and riser-rated jacket cables for speci c application requirements
Primus also keeps an impressive inventory of components commensurate to the level of cable we carry. Connectors, ground kits, hanger kits, hoisting grips,  ex twist assemblies, dehydrators, manifolds, and more are strategically stocked to reduce or eliminate lead time issues.
- Cable re-spooling capabilities up to and including 3" air-dielectric cable
- Factory-certi ed connector installation and line pressurization (when required)
- Labeling, speci c marking, multiple cuts/multiple spools, and multiple cuts/single spool
A quality installation using the right tools and components adds to system uptime and longevity. Whether it is cable support for tower structures, buildings, or water tanks, transitioning from tower to shelter, or within a shelter or communications center, we offer all the necessary ancillary products to support the cabling system within a wireless system.

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