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When narrowband networks become congested and applications stress your network’s capabilities, it may be time to consider an alternative that can deliver much more bandwidth at SCADA-like distances and reliable non-line of sight runs.
White space radios run on old analog TV channels in the UHF spec- trum: channels 14-51, 470-698 MHz with 6 MHz wide channels. This delivers the low end of broadband to sites with minimum infrastructure in most cases.
Solves Bandwidth Issues Enable S/W Complexity ZERO Spectrum Cost
IT/OT Data Management IP Applica on Enablement Solid Security Framework Richer Applica on Displays Ubiquitous Connec vity Simpler Opera ons
Typical application stress is de ned as growing complexity of application software, e.g., adding seismic sensors to your network, layering on video security, VOIP, and a host of other IP tethered applications. Now you can enhance your operational net- works to be exponentially more productive.
Broadband offerings in unlicensed 900 MHz radios with a host of feature sets:
- FHSS capabilities
- Repeater modes
- Up to 54 Mbps data rates in line of sight
- Bridge and access point modes
- AES 128 encryption for secure networks - MESH networking
When line of sight shots are obtainable, Primus has a broad selection of solutions for higher bandwidth, shorter range PTP networks, and PTM unlicensed networks.
These radios connect to the enterprise backhaul or intermediate backhauls and provide the last step distribution of bandwidth to key segments and dense user groups. With 900 MHz, this may also be used as an intermediate backhaul. We can help you select the proper solutions for your requirements and budget.
Primus also coordinates resources for path studies, feasibility considerations, and con gura- tion information for your network install.

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