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4.9 GHz 5.8 GHz
Primus’ licensed microwave solutions provide high capacities and long distances required by enterprise backhaul networks including guaranteed spectrum, powerful multi-gigabit payloads, redundancy, and reliable long range operation.
We provide con gurations in licensed bands from 6 to 38 GHz wideband mod-
els for interior or exterior placement.
Our solutions cover a variety of radio designs to best  t your needs: from indoor high power and split mount (ODU/IDU) units to outdoor compact units, there are multiple selections across frequencies.
Our radio products are highly con gurable to handle TDM and IP technologies while
guarding against obsolescence when mov- ing over to an IP-based unit.
We also supply power supplies, ground- ing kits, weatherproo ng, antennas, surge protection, and much more.
We have drastically changed the econom- ics of microwave networking!
Licensed 4.9 GHz is the backbone of wireless public safety networks and can stretch 20 miles at high data rates (54 Mbps). This band can also be utilized as  xed or mobile radios.
This  exibility enables  rst responders and services of all kinds to communicate and solve problems. 4.9 GHz is a line of sight technology which pairs well with our rapid deployment poles and other infrastructure products as well as the perfect antenna.
Our 5.8 GHz offerings provide low cost, easy to deploy, and reliable backhaul solutions. We can help you design and deploy backhauls for new and existing networks or additional spurs that are needed for operations.
Our 5.8 GHz solutions are powerful and support the following:
Redundant Repeater Routes: - Self-healing networks
- Alternate communication
Industrial MESH Network:
- Manually con gured
- Direct control over routing
- Con gurable priority routing - Spanning Tree Protocol

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