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Primus goes beyond traditional land-based technologies to compliment our wireless communications portfolio by offering an impressive selection of quality satellite products. This gives our customers another option to establish a link when no land-based scenario can effectively work 100 percent of the time.
From Broadband Global Access Net- work (BGAN) terminal products that access the INMARSAT network for quick deployment anywhere on Earth, to connectivity for M2M applications, to VSAT gear that is vital to a command center environment or disaster scenario, we have the solutions.
Primus stocks both manual and auto- deploy VSAT systems for command vehicle/truck mounting as well as portable-pack manual and auto deploy
systems. This allows fast, secure access to data and voice and internet connectivity when it is needed most. We can easily customize Ku Band VSAT systems to  t individual needs with multiple size BUCs and different band LNBs.
The in-stock offerings from Primus can provide critical connectivity after natural disasters and power outages while delivering breaking news and support for various levels of businesses operating in remote areas. BGAN terminals and
VSAT units are the tools that provide this connectivity when no other technol- ogy can.
Our high-end vehicle satcom termi-
nal systems keep the mobile assets of military, law enforcement, media, and humanitarian organizations connected once deployed and when they arrive on site.
Land mobile satcom offerings include:
- Ultra-Portable BGAN terminals - On-the-Move BGAN terminals - Man-Portable VSAT
- On-the-Move VSAT
- Drive-Away VSAT
- Fly-Away Manual-Deploy VSAT - Fly-Away Auto-Deploy VSAT
- Land-based Satcom Applications
- Lowers expensive terrestrial infrastructure costs, allowing for a higher return on investment
- Constant communications in any environment while on the move - Scalable from 2 to 1,000 units
- Cost effective: expands or replaces current LMR systems
Primus also provides unique, Push-To-Talk (PTT) systems based on BGAN terminal technology that provide extended cover- age and improved call quality for mobile workforce communications.
This hybrid solution acts as an extension to traditional legacy PTT capabilities by adding operating support via terrestrial 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks (where
available), supplemented by a BGAN satellite network.
Combined with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration, our PTT solutions provide users with seamless voice commu- nications, automatically routing voice and data traf c via the least expensive and most reliable network available, switching automatically in the background with no
interruption to the operator.
Our hybrid PTT solutions provide your workforce with reliable voice and internet connectivity in their vehicles by turning traditional LMR, cellular, and internet into a closed managed Wide Area Network that operates as a beyond line-of-sight communication system.

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