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Our commitment to you is much more
than being an ef cient supplier of products.
We understand you are busy, that your time is valuable, and you need a trusted partner to help with your needs. Our skilled team of professionals are ready to assist with industry-leading logistical, proj- ect, and site-kitting services.
We are committed to providing you with comprehensive and ef cient services to meet your speci c needs including a simple ordering process, available and proactive sales team, and unsurpassed logisitical capabilities.
Our strong emphasis on inventory avail- ability, accurate and timely order ful ll- ment, and on-time delivery enable you to reduce the costs of inventory, procurement transactions, and shipping.
With our impressive centrally-located dis- tribution center in Morris, Illinois, products will reach your facility quickly.
Our experience and expertise in transport- ing products safely, securely, and ef ciently has earned Primus an outstanding reputa- tion as a provider you can rely on with ex- cellent on-time and damage-free delivery standards.
Primus also offers kitting solutions that allow you complete control of customized part numbers and shipments contain- ing multiple products picked and packed identically saving you time. We offer this complimentary service with  exibility and no change in order ful llment times.
Our commitment to accuracy and timeli- ness will ensure all of your packaging and kitting requirements consistently exceed your highest level of satisfaction.
Simply stated, Primus is your trusted part- ner and ultimate solutions provider.

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