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Training Classes
All courses can be taken to earn a Basic Cer  cate in Communica ons Industry Safety Training, an Accredita on Program o ered on- site or by Kankakee Community Col- lege, Kankakee, IL.
CITCA Cer  ca ons
Primus Electronics is proud to have teamed up with Communica ons Industry and Training Cer  ca on Academy (CITCA) to o er the following cer  ca on courses in the tower industry:
Authorized Climber Cer  ca on
8 Hour Class
Prepares individuals with li le or no experience to be able to safely climb and work on towers of various types and styles.
Upon comple on of this program, the authorized climber should be able to demonstrate proper knowledge, understanding, and applica on of the equipment used, as well as safe prac ces to be employed at all  mes when he or she is working on the tower. The course is designed in coopera on with OSHA and meets or exceeds all of the recommended training called for in the NATE guidelines for Quali ed Climber. Upon successful comple on, each student will receive a wallet card cer fying them as an Authorized Climber.
Tower Rescue and Competent Climber Cer  ca on
(3) 8 Hour Days
This course exceeds the minimum requirements set by OSHA for the tower erec on industry. Course contents includes, but is not limited to: rescue training, knowledge of fall arrest systems, anchors, and Accident Repor ng procedures. The course is taught by ver cal rescue special- ists and experts in the tower erec on and rescue industry.
Train-the-Trainer Courses
Training is a cri cal component in safe work prac ces. It is an expensive component as well. And some mes, scheduling training around work schedules and client deadlines is nearly impossible. CITCA’s Train the Trainer program gives you the opportunity to have your own employees trained as CITCA instructors, and allows you to o er CITCA’s acclaimed training courses as an in-house program, using your instructors, at your facility, at your convenience, and at a substan ally lower cost. At the same  me, upon comple on, your employees s ll receive CITCA cer  ca on, which is recognized and accepted across the na on.
Train-the-Trainer Courses available in the following:
Authorized Climber Train the Trainer
Trains the instructor to teach Authorized Climber, a one day cer  ca on course that teaches basic tower climbing and tower safety tech- niques.
Tower Rescue / Competent Climber Train the Trainer
Trains the instructor to teach Tower Rescue and Competent Climber, a 24-hour course that provides training in advanced tower climbing tech- niques, as well as lifesaving training in techniques of self-rescue and partner rescue.
NOTE: All CITCA Train-the-Trainer instructors must  rst hold CITCA cer  ca on in the class they are being trained to teach
Other Available Classes
Advanced Understanding of Rigging and Ropes, 8 Hour Class OSHA Construc on Industry, 10 Hour Class
Tower Erec on Basics, 8 Hour Class
RF Safety and Hazard Awareness, 8 Hour Class
Emergency Medical Response, 8 Hour Class
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For more informa on or to register for any of the classes listed above,
call Primus Electronics at (800) 435-1636 or visit us online at

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