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Training Classes
Primus Electronics is proud to have teamed up with Kaelus to o er the following cer  ca on courses in the tower industry:
Portable PIM Test Equipment Training & Cer  ca on
E ec ve Passive Intermodula on (PIM) tes ng requires knowledge, prac cal skills, and properly maintained test equipment. Kaelus o ers a variety of training op ons that teach engineers, technicians, and installa on crews the skills needed to construct and maintain “low PIM” RF infrastructure.
Non-Cer  ca on PIM Training (Level 0):
4 Hours
Introductory training classes are available that provide an overview of PIM tes ng that is suited for audiences with a broad range of technical skills. This class de nes PIM in easy-to-understand terms, iden  es typical PIM sources, and describes how to safely operate PIM test equip- ment to repair RF infrastructure.
A endees should include: RF design engineers, RF op miza on engineers, Site maintenance technicians, Management, Installa on project leaders, Installa on technicians, and PIM Test Technicians
Cer  ca on PIM Training (Level 1):
Technician Cer  ca on training classes are also available that include a prac cal, as well as wri en exam requiring students to demonstrate test pro ciency and show that they have an understanding of the course materials presented. Class size for technician cer  ca on training is limited to ensure that each student receives su cient  me with the instructor and the test equipment. Cer  ca on training is recommended for individuals who lead PIM test crews or who perform PIM tes ng in the  eld as a job requirement.
A endees should include: Site maintenance technicians and PIM test technicians
Non-Cer  ca on Cer  ca on
Passive Intermodula on fundamentals • PIM sources at a cell site
• PIM tes ng vs. RL tes ng
• Test power level & frequencies
Test Equipment overview • Safety precau ons
• Making a measurement • Recording results
Test methodology
• Equipment func onal checks
• Proper test methods / sequence • Antenna tes ng procedure
Prac cal exam - Student must demonstrate to instructor: • Proper equipment set-up
• Proper tes ng technique
• Ability to create reports
Wri en exam - Veri es student understands the course material presented
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For more informa on or to register for any of the classes listed above,
call Primus Electronics at (800) 435-1636 or visit us online at

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