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Training Classes
ODM Fiber Op c Cer  ca on Training
Primus Electronics is proud to have teamed up with ODM to o er the following cer  ca on course in the tower industry:
Cer  ed Fiber Op c Test and Inspec on Training
The ODM Inc. Cer  ed Fiber Op c Test and Inspec on course is a focused, hands-on, training course that concentrates on Fiber Op c Con- nector Inspec on and Inser on dB loss theory, technology, and  eld applica ons. Measurement, analysis, and archive storage principles are taught using the industry approved ODM VIS 300 Video Inspec on Scope and RP 460/ DLS Op cal Power Meter and Dual Light Source.
Students learn interna onal industry standards on  ber op c connector endface analysis and accepted connector cleaning techniques. In addi-  on, students review industry accepted dB inser on loss measurements on mul mode and singlemode  ber types including industry popular connector styles including LC and SC connectors.
Classes are industry speci c and can be customized to each Carriers closeout requirements providing the student with the skills necessary to install, inspect, test, and maintain all  ber op c systems. ODM cer  ed instructors present the latest standards and validate the cer  ca on course with wri en exams and hands-on training. Course cer  ca on remains valid for a period of two years.
For more informa on or to register for any of the classes listed above,
call Primus Electronics at (800) 435-1636 or visit us online at
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