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Harnesses (cont.)
Ergova onTM ‘H’ Style Arborist Retro Harness, Model REH1
• Op onal: saddles; ascender;
SRT; and Ba en Seat (as
• Accommodates dorsal fall
arrest & climbers u lizing SRT
• Aluminum D-ring
• Plas c quick-connect buckles
• Velcro chest reten on strap
Ergova onTM ‘Y’ Style Tower and Wind Energy Retro Harness, Model REH2
• Op onal saddle, ascender
and SRT (as shown)
• Accommodates sternal &
dorsal fall arrest, and chest
ExoFit NEX Tower Climbing Harness
• Duo-LokTM quick-connect buckles - lightweight one-handed use with memory- t
• Covered labels and i-SafeTM Velcro® cover protects labels and posi ons them in an easy-to-access loca on
• RevolverTM simple and fast adjustment that locks into posi on
• Hybrid comfort padding marries premium comfort and durability • Tech-LiteTM aluminum D-rings: lightweight alloy adds to comfort • Repel technology webbing provides up to 5  mes more abrasion
resistance and water repellency
• Integrated trauma straps
• Re ec ve material provides be er visibility
• Impact indicator s tches
• Built-in carrying pocket on chest and covered labels • Breakaway lanyard keepers
• Max capacity: 420 lbs
Mfr Part # 16906H1-S
Buckingham 16906H1-M 16906H1-L
‘Y’ Style Full Body Harness
Size S M L XL
ascender a achment • Aluminum D-ring
• Y2 fric on buckles
Mfr Part # 16906H2-S
Buckingham 16906H2-M 16906H2-L
16906H2-XL Meets ANSI Z359.1, EN 358/ EN 813
Size S M L XL
• Tower and Rescue
• Built-in body belt has split
‘X’ Style Full Body U lity Harness
• Interlocking torso and leg
strap buckles
Reinforced web loop dorsal a achment
Adjustable interlocking torso buckles and reinforced web front loop
Type 10 nylon webbing
Mfr Part # Size 603E3700R3-S S Bucking- 603E3700R3-M M ham 603E3700R3-L L
603E3700R3-XL XL Meets all applicable ANSI, ASTM, and
tongue quick-connect buckles •
on leg straps
• Sternum D-ring adjusts up/down • • Steel D dorsal a achment
• Back chafes and rounded
shoulder pads prevent cha ng •
• Padded leg straps
Mfr Part # Size 61993-S S
Buckingham 61993-M M 61993-L L
61993-XL XL Meets ANSI Z359.1
ASTM F887 standards
“Safety is a cheap and e ec ve insurance policy”
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DBI Sala
Part # Size 1113190 S 1113191 M 1113192 L 1113193 XL
1113194 2XL Meets all applicable industry standards,
including OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and CE
Fall Protec on

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