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Hand-Held Digital Power Meter
Test & Measurement Equipment and Accessories
transfer of up to 7 days of data
Power Range Frequency Range Accuracy Inser on VSWR Connectors Finish
Nominal Size Weight
100 mW to 10 kW using Bird® Plug-in Elements
• •
Ideally suited for those
who need to make power measurements Indoor/outdoor viewable monochrome VGA display with backlight
Up to 60 hours of con nu- ous use ba ery life
Single key allows 1-hand tog-
General Purpose Wa meter
• Inser on-type instrument designed to measure both forward and reflected CW power in coaxial transmission lines under any load condi on
gling through opera ons
• Lockingmechanismpreventsuninten onalsensordisconnects • Compliant with MIL spec drop test
• Lightweight at 1.4 lbs.
• Automa cally detects sensor and displays appropriate power measurement screen
• Data logging capability with 1 GB of memory, storing and
• Uses industry standard Bird elements with space to store 2 addi onal within the meter housing
• Accurate CW field power measure- ment over 450 kHz to 2.7 GHz and 100 mW to 10 KW
• Rugged metal housing for most demanding environments
• Quick Change (QC) connectors to minimize the need for adaptors when making cri cal measurements
Applica ons:
Signals measured: WiMAX, (IEEE 802.16), GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA, LTE, WiFi (802.11), HSUPA/HSDPA, TD-SCDMA, TETRA, P25,
Zigbee (IEEE 802.15), Bluetooth, RFID, DVB, DMB and MediaFlo
Measurements performed:
VSWR, peak power, true average power, crest factor, CCDF and
450 kHz - 2.7 GHz (depending on element) ± 5% of full scale
with N Connectors 1.05 max. to 1000 MHz QC Type (Female N normally supplied) Gray Powder Coat
burst power
6-7/8" x 5-1/8" x 3-5/8" (H x W x D), including connectors
Part #
Descrip on
4 lbs
Bird Technologies
Phase Stable Test Port Cable
Part # Descrip on
Hand-Held Digital Power Meter
Bird Technologies
43 General Purpose Wa meter
Mfr Part # Descrip on
Mfr Part #
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Phase Stable Test Port Cables
Test Port Cable Armored
Tuff Grip Test Cable
1.5 m, N-Male to 7/16" Din Male, 6 GHz
N-Male to Din Female, 1.5 m
1.5 m, N-Male to 7/16" Din Female, 6 GHz
N-Male to Din Female, 3.0 m
1.5 m, N-Male to N-Male, 6 GHz
N-Male to Din Male, 1.5 m, 6 GHz
5.0 m, N-Male to N-Male, 6 GHz
N-Male to Din Male, 3.0 m, 6 GHz
1.5 m, N-Male to N-Female, 6 GHz
N-Male to N-Female, 1.5 m, 6 GHz
5.0 m, N-Male to N-Female, 6 GHz
Test Port Extension Cable, Armored, with Reinforced Grip
1.5 m, D(f)-N(m), 6 GHz, 50 Ohm
3.0 m, D(f)-N(m), 6 GHz, 50 Ohm
1.5 m, D(m)-N(m), 6 GHz, 50 Ohm
3.0 m, D(m)-N(m), 6 GHz, 50 Ohm
1.5 m, N(m) - N(f), 6 GHz, 50 Ohm
Times Microwave

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