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Safety and Rigging
Elk River Ascenders
MSA Suretyman Hand Ascenders
Large grip, for ropes 1/4" - 1/2", aluminum alloy
Mfr Part # Des. SRP210 Le  (red) SRP220 Right (green)
Petzl Ascension Hand As- cenders
Wide handle, toothed cam, for ropes 8 mm-13 mm
PMI heightec-PMITM Pul- sar Ascender Comfortable grip, X-camTM, 1 upper & 2 lower a achment points
PMI heightec-PMITM Twist Ascender X-CamTM, 1 upper & 1 lower a achment points
Mfr  Part # PMI     HD26185
8-1/2" x 3-1/4" for ropes 3/8" (9 mm) and 1/2" (13 mm)
Mfr Part # Des. Right
Mfr Part # B17WRA
Mfr Part # Des. Right
19701* (green)
Right (yellow)
HD26183 (lime) Le 
19700* Le  (red) *Professional training
Le  (black)
HD26208 (black)
required to use these devices
Buckingham Descender
Capital Safety DescenderTM Device Stainless steel construc-  on, simple & effec ve descent control system
MSA Anthron Descender
Cast Aluminum, Cam, 7/16" (11 mm) rope
Petzl Rig Compact Self- Braking Descender Safety gate, pivo ng cam, for ropes
Petzl I’D S Self-Braking De- scender with An -Panic Func on - Small
Safety gate, pivo ng cam, for ropes 10 mm - 11.5 mm
Easy to use descender for use on 10-12 mm rope with a built-in an - panic feature
Part # SDSD25
PMI heightec-PMITM Prism Descender Versa le, secondary panic lock, smooth descent
10.5 mm-11.5 mm
Mfr Part # D21A
PMI Large Steel Figure 8 Classic Descender Accepts single or double wrapping braking. For ropes up to 16 mm (5/8"). Bo om hole.
Mfr Part # Buckingham DSD-30
Mfr Part # Capital Safety 2103189
Des. Yellow Black
Mfr Part # Des. D200SO Yellow
D200SN Black
Petzl I’D L Self-Braking De- scender with An -Panic Func on - Large
Safety gate, pivo ng cam, for ropes 11.5 mm - 13 mm
PMI SMC Spider Auto- Braking Descender Op mal strength and performance, for ropes 11 mm-12.5 mm
Part # HD26181
PMI RA/SMC Rescue 8 Full-Size Descender
Solid heat treated aluminum. Carabiner hole func ons as s cht plate for 1/2" rope.
Mfr Part # D200LO
Des. Yellow Black
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part # Color
PMI SM220300N Cer fied NFPA 1983, L
PMI HD26100 Cer fied NFPA 1983, G
SM128701N Black
SM128702N Gray Cer fied NFPA 1983, G
Petzl Elk River
PMI Petzl
Petzl PMI

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