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Relief Steps
Safety and Rigging
BuckStep Suspension Trauma Rescue System A aches to any full body harness & is fully ad- justable
Suspesion Trauma Safety Straps
One pair, connects to most harnesses
Rescue Etrier
Looping 4-Step Etrier
Mfr Part # Buckingham 105RS
Mfr Part # Capital Safety 9501403
6 foot loops are rein- forced/s ffened for eas- ier foot placement. Length: 7' (2.1 m).
Underfoot strap is abra- sion-resistant & slightly rigid to make it easier to step into
Reinforced steps in contras ng colors. 1" tubular webbing.
Mfr Part # MSA SRS3200
Mfr Part # Petzl C25
Mfr Part # SG51040
4 Steps, 4'3" 5 Steps, 5'3" 6 Steps, 6'3"
SuretyManTM Pulley Mobile Versa le Ultra-Compact Single, 4" (10 cm), Std/ Prusik, Alu- Single Pulley
minum, Yellow. For 3/8" to 1/2" For hauling systems and devia- sta c kernmantle rope.  ons. Sheave mounted on self-lu-
Fixe Versa le Compact Single Pul- ley
For hauling systems and devia-  ons. Fixed side plates. Sheave mounted on self-lubrica ng bush- ings. For ropes ≤ 13 mm.
Rescue High Strength, High Efficiency Pulley
For rescue professionals, heavy loads/intensive use. Large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bear- ings. Accepts up to 3 carabiners. For ropes ≤ 13 mm.
Mfr Part #
MSA SPPPU8710 Mfr Part #
brica ng bushings. For ropes ≤ 13
Petzl P03A Petzl P05W
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part # Petzl P50A
Minder Highly Efficient Prusik Pul- Twin Highly Efficient Double Prusik ley Pulley
Special side plates as seen in P59A. Special side plates as seen in P59A. Large diameter sheave mounted on Parallel mounted sheaves & auxil- sealed ball bearings. Accepts up to iary a achment point. Large diame- 3 carabiners to facilitate use. ter sheaves mounted on sealed ball For ropes ≤ 13 mm. bearings. Accepts up to 3 carabin- Mfr Part # ers. For ropes ≤ 13 mm.
Petzl P60A Mfr Part # Petzl P65A
SMC 3" Prusik Minding Pulley
SMC Kootenay HX Pulley
Ball bearing. Large top hole accepts 3 large carabiners. Aluminum side plates and sheaves. Sealed bearings.
Sealed ball bearings. Aluminum side plates and sheave. Primary carabiner hole accepts many res- cue carabiners; secondary cara- biner holes for use with tag or belay lines. Includes 2 quick- release pins. For 10-13 mm rope.
For 11-13 mm rope.
Mfr Part #
PMI SM158000N Cer fied NFPA 1983 G
Mfr Part #
PMI SM125500

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