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Safety and Rigging
Wire & Rope Grabs (cont.)
Microcender Cam-loaded Rope Clamp
Removable axle and lock- ing pin. For single ropes between 9-13 mm in di- ameter.
Rescuecender Cam-loaded Rope Clamp
Removable axle and lock- ing pin. For single ropes between 9-13 mm in di- ameter.
Macrocender Cam-loaded Rope Clamp for Large Di- ameter Ropes
Removable axle and lock- ing pin. For single ropes between 12-19 mm in di- ameter.
Mio Self-Trailing Rope Grabs
Wire Grab 10 - Wire Rope Grab
3/8" Wire Rope Grab. Can be used on any 3/8" galva- nized or stainless steel wire rope ver cal lifeline; includes
Removable dual ac on pin. Comes with lanyard and ANSI
snap hook.
Meets ANSI & OSHA requirements
Part # HD26114 HD26005 HD26006
Descrip on
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
7/16" Rope (yellow pin) 1/2" Rope (blue pin) 5/8" Rope (black pin)
Petzl B54 Cer fica on CE EN 567
Petzl B50 Cer fica on CE EN 567
Petzl B51 Cer fica on CE EN 567
Mfr Part #
Height Access Rail System
Skylotec H-155 Meets ANSI & CSA Standards
(1) Doubled guide rollers for resistless climb- ing over rail joints.
(2) Solid housing of milled aluminium.
(3) Durable rollers of stainless steel with sleeve bearings.
(4) Flexibly moving follower roller for auto- ma c adjustment to various rail thicknesses and a permanent contact pressure.
(5) Redundant release system with a pull-back func on and centrifugal force
(6) Stable snap-fit hook of stainless steel (7) Element for damping - energy absorber. The falling impact remains under 6 kN even with drop impact tests with a steel weight. (8) Self-bol ng trilock carabiner
Mfr Part #
control independently working from each other.
Skylotec SPEED
Cer fied to ANSI and CSA Standards
Anchors & Beamers
Mega Swivel 10K Steel and Concrete Anchor with Concrete Bolt
Swivel ring design allows D-ring to rotate 360° and flip back and forth at 180°; Op onal: Backing plate
Step Bolt
Anchor Flange
Concrete D-ring Anchor
Mfr Descrip on Part #
30-F2 15/16" 30-F4 1-1/16"
Mfr Part #
Length: 8-1/2"
Tread length: 5" Thread length: 2-1/2"
Installed on steel structures every 3rd step under exis ng bolt step
Mfr Part #
Mega Swivel 10K Anchor
Backing Plate: 9” x 6” with 14-1/2
Thread Mfr Part # Diameter
Mfr Part # 30-F1
Step Bolt 11/16"
13/16" 1-1/2"
Capital Safety 2104560 Meets OSHA, ANSI and ASTM E488
full thread bolt, nut, flat. Works on
Buck- 3075 ingham 3058
3/4" 5/8"
anything more than 1/2 thick
*Load Ra ng: 10,000 lbs/22kn | *Meets ANSIZ359.1
Step Bolt Anchor
6" 2-3/4"
Step Bolts
45o Step Bolt Anchor
For 5/8" or 3/4" step bolts
115-154 - Tuf-Tug Formed
Bolt on Step Bolt,
Removable Step Bolt
Mfr Part # Valmont 167200
C40-044-002: 5/8" x 7"
For 5/8" or 3/4" step
2" to 6" OD leg
Mfr Part # Tuf-Tug 115-178
C40-044-006: 3/4" x 7-1/2"
bolts Mfr Tuf-Tug
Part # 115-154
Mfr Part # C40-044-002
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