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Safety and Rigging
Safety Climbs (cont.)
Standard Ladder Mounted Safety Climb Sys- tem
Pole Mounted Safety Climb System
Round Leg Mounted Safety Climb System
Mfr Part # Descrip on
115-147-2.0- Round Leg Top PRIM Bracket 2.0" OD
115-147-2.5- Round Leg Top PRIM Bracket 2.5" OD
115-147-3.0- Round Leg Top PRIM Bracket 3.0" OD
115-147-3.5- Round Leg Top PRIM Bracket 3.5" OD
115-147-4.0- Round Leg Top PRIM Bracket 4.0" OD
Universal Leg Adapter Bracket for Stud Mounted Cable Guide A achment 2" to 8"
OD Leg 120-203-PRIM (requires 1 every 25')
Cable Guide, Stud
Mounted 115-317-PRIM (requires 1 every 25')
Mfr Part # Descrip on
(800) 435-1636 tel | (800) 767-7605 fax |
Heavy Duty Upright Moun ng Bracket Solid Rung Ladders spaced no
Mfr Part # Descrip on
115-114- more than 15" apart, 1- PRIM 1/8" Rung
Ladder Mounted Cable Guide with U Bolt for 1- 1/8" Rung
115-231-PRIM at the top)
Universal Saddle Mount Top Bracket (use if pole does not have a tab weldement
Monopole Cable
115-309/115- Monopole B*o om
Guide, Bolt Style 115-303-PRIM (requires 1 every 25')
PRIM (requires 1 every 25')
115-202/115- Ladder Moun ng Bot-
Bracket Assembly
110-PRIM tom Bracket Assembly
Order cable assembly below
Order cable assembly below
Cable Assembly for the Above Systems
Mfr Part # Length Descrip on
TTMP-100'CHA-PRIM 100'
TTMP-150'CHA-PRIM 150'
Cable Assembly, Cable & Head Assembly, Factory Swaged Head with Im- pact A enuator
TTMP-200'CHA-PRIM 200'
TTMP-250'CHA-PRIM 250'
TTMP-300'CHA-PRIM 300'
TTMP-350'CHA-PRIM 350'
TTMP-400'CHA-PRIM 400'
TTMP-450'CHA-PRIM 450'
TTMP-500'CHA-PRIM 500'
115-107/120- Round Leg Bo om
203-PRIM Bracket Assembly
Order cable assembly to the le 
Please call for custom applica ons: If you can climb it, TUF-TUG
can build a system to climb it!

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