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Safety and Rigging
Measuring Tapes
Klein Tools High Visibility Tape
Klein Tools High Visibility Tape
25' Power-Return Rule – Magne c Tip Tape,
1" x 25', magne c  p, power re- turn, rubber grip
25' Power-Return Rule – Dou- ble-Sided
Easy reading of eleva ons, flat surface, and pipe
1" x 25', power return
16" & 19.2" stud-center marks
1" x 25', Magne c  p, dual end hook, double-sided tape, power
Klein Tools
Part # 928-25HV
Mfr Part # Klein Tools 918-25RE
Klein Tools
Part # 916-25RE
conduit measurements Mfr Part # Klein Tools 908-25
Keson® K-Line High Speed Rewind Fiberglass Tapes
1/2" PVC-coated fiberglass tapes. Graduated in feet, inches, 8ths on one side; feet, 10ths, 100ths on other side.
Keson 39921 100' High Speed Rewind Keson 39923 300' High Speed Rewind
Keson® RoadRunner® Distance Measuring Wheels
Plas c-covered, five-digit counter that measures to 9,999' in inches and feet, completely enclosed gears, zero reset bu on, telescopic handles and more
Part # Descrip on
RR-418 RoadRunner Measuring
Wheel, 15-1/2" Diameter, Keson 39010 4' Circumference
39922 200' High Speed Rewind
RR-318 RoadRunner Measuring
Wheel, 12-1/2" Diameter, Keson 39024 3' Circumference
Mfr Part # Descrip on
Flashlight output: 10,000 beam candlepower; requires 2 D Cell Bat- teries (not included). Flashlight’s lens ring accepts a 6.5" snap-in wand (sold separately).
SmartOneTM Personal RF Monitor
Part #
Descrip on
Mfr Part # LBA Group SI-1000
Bright Star Bright Star
2458 2459
Heavy Duty Industrial Flashlight
Monitors strength of RF fields from mobile phone towers, microwave ovens, radio and tel- evision installa ons, high frequency welders, and other comon workplace RF sources be- tween 10 and 10,000 MHz.
6.5" Red Snap-in Wand for 2458 Flashlight
Hand Wipes
Waterless Hand Wipes, 75 Pre-moistened 10.5" x 12.25" wipes per bucket
Mfr Part # Kimberly-Clark 63-WYPALLHANDWI
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