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Safety and Rigging
Helmet Accessories Plas c Chinstrap
Tikka® Plus 4 LED Headlamp Water-resistant 4 LED headlamp with 3 ligh ng levels & 2 ligh ng modes
Tikka® 3 LED Headlamp
Tikkina 2 LED Headlamp
e-Lite® Emergency Headlamp
Waterproof headlamp with whistle for use in emer- gency situa ons
Water-resistant 3 LED headlamp with single light- ing level
Water resistant 2 LED headlamp with single light- ing level
A aches to the shell
Mfr Part # Petzl E47 PBY
Mfr Part # Petzl E43 PBY
Mfr Part # Petzl E41 PBY
Mfr Part # Petzl E02 P2
Mfr Part #
MSA 88128
Elas c Chinstrap
A aches to the suspension
Pelican 2420 MityLite
Spot Headlamp
Cosmo Headlamp
Ion Headlamp
Mfr Part #
Corrosion proof, indestruc-  ble hand held light with twist turn to turn on. Submersible to 500  .
3 SuperBright LED head- lamp with 4 ligh ng levels and strobe
Fully stormproof headlamp with 8 brightness se ngs and strobe
Pocket-size headlamp with 1 SuperBright LED in a piv- o ng head; head or wrist mountable
MSA 81391
Mfr Part # PMI HG32015
Mfr Part # PMI HG32023
Mfr Part # Color HG32017 Silver HG32021 Spice
Mfr Part # PMI HG32018
Safety Glasses
Easy-FlexTM Protec ve Eyewear
PyreneesTM Protec ve Eyewear
Trix Safety Glasses
- Flex for a comfortable fit
- Polycarbonate lenses for high-impact protec on - Hard-coated lenses
- Dual injec on so   p temples - Full-side protec on
- Meets Z87+ and CSA Z94.3
- 99% UV protec on
- Temples are universal length - Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003
Clear lens Gray lens Blue-gray frame Blue-gray frame
Sky-orange lens Metallic frame
Clear lens Black frame
Gray lens Black frame
Clear lens Black frame
Gray lens Black frame
Mfr Part # Mfr Part #
MSA 10070917 MSA 10070918 MSA 10070921
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
Elvex 23287 Elvex 23288
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
MSA 10033716 MSA 10033717
Mfr Part #
PrevailTM Protec ve Eyewear
Safety Glasses Accessories
- Fog-Ban® lenses resist fogging
- Frame w/ side impact protec on - Meets Z87.1-1997
Striketeam Goggles
Advancer V-12TM Goggles
Ballis c lenses open and close to regulate ven la on and filtra-  on. Outrigger strap system.
Standard Eyewear Lanyard
- Holds eyewear securely - Clips into holes in
High-impact, an -fog & an -scratch lenses. Closed cell foam padding for a perfect fit.
eyewear temple ends - Pack of 12
Eyewear Cleaning Tow- ele es
- Pre-moistened
Clear lens Black frame
Gray lens Black frame
towele es - Box of 100
Mfr Part #
Willson 23214 Willson 23215
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part # MSA 10020872
Mfr Part # MSA 10022087
Mfr Part #
PMI HL33023 ANSI compliant
Mfr Part #
PMI HL33067 ANSI Z87.1-03
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