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Training Classes
HARGER Educa onal Presenta ons
Primus electronics is proud to have teamed up with Harger to offer the following educa onal presenta ons in the tower in-
general grounding & Bonding
60 Minute Presenta on
Provides an overview of electrical grounding and bonding and the role it plays as the founda on to any electrical protec on and power quality scheme. relevant codes, standards and prac ces, as well as the elements of a properly designed grounding system will be reviewed. The pur- pose and means for equipment and system grounding will be presented. The hazards of step and touch poten als will be discussed and how they are eliminated as a threat to personal safety. Soil and ground system tes ng will be
discussed and their importance to system design. grounding and bonding for lightning protec on, computers installa ons and telecommuni- ca ons will also be reviewed.
Ultraweld exothermic Welding Cer fica on Training (Classroom and Hands-on)
90 to 120 Minute Presenta on
Provides an understanding of the Ultraweld exothermic welding process. The exothermic welding process is presented as a means of making permanent electrical grounding connec ons. The tools required to make a connec on as well as the inspec on process are discussed. This course includes hands-on training and the cer fica on process.
Lightning Protec on Systems
60 Minute Presenta on
Provides the audience with a review of lightning and the need for lightning protec on systems. The Basic Principles of Lightning Protec on are discussed–technology universally recognized and approved by the worldwide academic community. Also discussed are unapproved non-con- ven onal lightning protec on devices such as early stream emi ers (eSe) and charge transfer systems (CTS) which promote technically unac- cepted claims of increased areas of protec on, or the ability to prevent ligh ng strikes en rely. The method for conduc ng a Lightning risk Assessment (per nFPA780) is presented. Applicable ligh ng protec on Codes and
Standards are presented. The basic components of a tradi onal Franklin Style Lightning Protec on Systems are reviewed.
Lightning Protec on & grounding Wireless Communica ons Sites
100 Minute Presenta on
Covers the approaches taken and products used for grounding wireless communica on sites. Focus is placed on the different types of ground electrodes used and recommenda ons for difficult grounding condi ons. Ultraweld exothermic connec ons are
discussed as well as considera on for different types of ground conductors. ground system design considera ons are discussed
including soil condi ons and site condi ons/applica ons such as raw land, co-locate, and roo op. ground test procedures are also reviewed and standards are addressed.
Basics of ground Tes ng
45 Minute Presenta on
reviews the different types of tes ng procedures and equipment used for soil resis vity and ground system tes ng. Focus is placed on the 4- Point Wenner test for soil resis vity measurements and the 3-Point Fall-of-Poten al Method for measuring the resistance to remote ground of a ground electrode system. Clamp-on ground testers are discussed with focus on the advantages and the
disadvantages of this method for measuring ground resistance.
regiSTrATion inForMATion
For more informa on or to register for any of the classes listed above,
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