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Universal Wall Mounts
Round Chimney Mounts
Applica on: Roof-top
Design: Wall Bracket
Mounts to: Walls
Material: Hot dip galvanized steel Includes: Mount and hardware Order Separately: Pipe (pg 50)
Applica on: Roof-top
Size: 6 Sizes
Design: Three sector chimney mounts Feature: Triple band clamps for chimneys Mounts to: Chimney
Material: Hot dip galvanized steel Includes: Weldments and hardware
Andrew Solu ons
Part #
Weight, lb
8 18
Adjustable Splice for Roof-Top Coax Bridge Kits
Descrip on VC-SOWN
Mfr Part # Descrip on
Weight, lb 240
Part # VC-SOWN
Weight, lb 55
3-Sector Chimney Mount
Andrew Solu ons
Adjustable wall mount kit, 12" Stand-off
For 5' - 6' OD Chimney
For 6' - 7' OD Chimney
Universal wall mount - through wall; fits pipes from 1-1/2" to 5" OD and a wall up to 1'-1" thick
For 7' - 8' OD Chimney
For 8' - 9' OD Chimney
MTC8212 MTC8232
For 9' - 11' OD Chimney For 11' - 13' OD Chimney
525 620
Universal Wall Mount Brackets
Flush Mount Adapter
Applica on: Roof-top
Size: Two sizes, 2-1/2" or 11"stand-off Feature: Ver cal adjustment on wall
Mounts to: Walls
Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
Includes: Brackets and hardware
Order sep: Antenna moun ng pipe (pg 50), U- bolts (pg 64)
Applica on: Roof-top
Size: for 2-3/8" OD antenna moun ng pipes
Design: Added moun ng support for chimney mounts Feature: Sliding capability along chimney mount Mounts to: Chimney mount
Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
Includes: Brackets, hardware
Order sep: Chimney Mount (pg 30),
antenna moun ng pipes (pg 50)
Descrip on
MTC9921WB 2-1/2" Stand-off Kit/1 MTC9921B 11" Stand-off Kit/1
Mfr Part # Descrip on
Solu ons MTC3015 Slo ed Hole up to 3.5" Pipe
Weight, lb 23
Weight, lb 3.7 9.5 19.9
Slider wall mount base kit
Applica on: Roof-top
Design: Slo ed splice plate Feature: Up to 45o horizontal adjustment
Mounts to: Roof-top bridge kits Material: Galvanized steel Includes: Splice and hardware
works with 2-3/8" - 4-1/2" oD pipe. order u-bolts separately (pg 64).
Square Chimney Mounts
Applica on: Roof-top
Size: 1' to 10' Square Chimneys Design: 4 Sector Mount
Feature: Corner Mount
Mounts to: Chimneys
Material: Hot dip Galvanized steel Includes: Pipe mount and hardware
Mfr Part # MT-F1573-11
Descrip on 4-Run Bridge Kit 8-Run Bridge Kit 12-Run Bridge Kit
Andrew Solu ons
Part # Descrip on
Weight, lb
Applica on: Roof-top
Size: 36" x 71.5" x 16.25" (914.4 mm x 1816.1 mm x 412.75 mm) Design: Bolt together
Feature: Step over for ladder tray systems
Mounts to: Up to 24" wide ladder tray
Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
Includes: Step over & hardware
Order Separately: Cable tray
(pgs 31, 34-35)
Roof-Top Cable Tray Step Over
1' - 10' Square Chimney Mount,
(4) 4-1/2" OD x 63" Corner pipe MTC8746 mounts
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| (800) 767-7605 fax |
Mfr Part # Weight Andrew
Solu ons RT-ST 211 lb
Andrew Solu ons
Andrew Solu ons

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