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ouTSiDe veRTiCal RiSeR (ovR)
Andrew Solu ons Aluminum
AT-RO45-12-4D AT-RO45-18-4D AT-RO45-24-4D
AT-VRO45-12-A AT-VRO45-18-A AT-VRO45-24-A
AT-VRO90-12-A AT-VRO90-18-A AT-VRO90-24-A
Andrew Solu ons Aluminum
AT-TJ-12-4D AT-TJ-18-4D AT-TJ-24-4D
AT-RC1812-4D AT-RC2412-4D AT-RC2418-4D
AT-VRC1812-A AT-VRC2412-A AT-VRC2418-A
TJ Cope TJ Cope Aluminum Pre-Galvanized
248-124O-24 246-124O-24 248-184O-24 246-184O-24 248-244O-24 246-244O-24
Ladder Trays (cont.)
Descrip on
45o ovR Trays
12" wide 4" load 18" wide 4" load 24" wide 4" load 45o ovR Covers 12" wide
FS28-124O-24 FS28-184O-24 FS28-244O-24
FS248-129O-24 FS248-189O-24 FS248-249O-24
TJ Cope Aluminum
248-12FT-24 248-18FT-24 248-24FT-24
FS28-12FT-24 FS28-18FT-24 FS28-24FT-24
248-18ST-12 248-24ST-12 248-24ST-18
FS28-18ST-12 FS28-24ST-12 FS28-24ST-18
FS26-124O-24 FS26-184O-24 FS26-244O-24
FS246-129O-24 FS246-189O-24 FS246-249O-24
TJ Cope Pre-Galvanized
246-12FT-24 246-18FT-24 246-24FT-24
FS26-12FT-24 FS26-18FT-24 FS26-24FT-24
246-18ST-12 246-24ST-12 246-24ST-18
FS26-18ST-12 FS26-24ST-12 FS26-24ST-18
18" wide
24" wide
90o ovR Trays 12" wide 4" load 18" wide 4" load 24" wide 4" load 90o ovR Covers 12" wide
18" wide
24" wide
AT-RO90-12-4D AT-RO90-18-4D AT-RO90-24-4D
248-129O-24 248-189O-24 248-249O-24
246-129O-24 246-189O-24 246-249O-24
Descrip on
T-Junc ons
12" wide 4" load 18" wide 4" load 24" wide 4" load T-Junc on Covers 12" wide
18" wide 24" wide
Andrew Solu ons TJ Cope TJ Cope Aluminum Aluminum Pre-Galvanized
Descrip on
18 to 12 Reducer
24 to 12 Reducer
24 to 18 Reducer
Reducer Covers
Cover Cover Cover
Descrip on
Hold-Down Z-Clamp
90o Splice (kit/2) 4" load
Horizontal Adjustable Splice (kit/2) 4" load
Ver cal Adjustable Splice (kit/2) 4" load
Straight Splice (kit/2) 4" load AT-SS-4D 48-02RC 47-02RC }
18 to 12 Reducer 24 to 12 Reducer 24 to 18 Reducer
Andrew Solu ons Aluminum AT-ZC-4-A AT-S90-4D AT-SA-H-4D AT-SA-V-4D
TJ Cope Aluminum 9131 48-02CA 48-02CH 48-02CV
TJ Cope Pre-Galvanized 9131 47-02CA 47-02CH 47-02CV
Cover A achment Clip
12" Double Cover Clamp (hurricane clamp) 18" Double Cover Clamp (hurricane clamp) 24" Double Cover Clamp (hurricane clamp)
EM-CC 248-12DC 248-18DC 248-24DC
EM-CC 246-12DC 246-18DC 246-24DC
9131 48-02CV
48-02CH 48-02RC
Universal Fi ng (Double Cover Clamp will fit both Andrew Solu ons and TJ Cope Trays)
NOTE: LADDER TRAY PARTS FROM DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS CANNOT BE INTERCHANGED (i.e., cannot “mix and match” parts from different manufacturers).
If you need assistance deciding which systembest fits your needs or help determining which system you are currently using, please contact Primus at (800) 435-1636. 35

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