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Mold Accessories Flint Igniters
Mfr Part # Mfr Part # Mfr Part #
Part #
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
Mfr Part #
Mold Sealer
Mold Cleaning Brushes
Mold Handle Clamps
Wrap Sleeves for Molds
• Used to ignite the star ng material when making a connec on
• Seals slightly worn molds to guard against
• Used to remove slag • Useful on ver cal
• Required for all molds (B & K Series)
• Used when welding cables smaller than indicated on mold tag
• Come with MH1 and MH2 handle clamps
leakage from large stranded conductors
• Available in convenient 1 lb package
split molds
• Helps maintain or
• Some molds are used w/ specialized frames • Includes a Flint Igniter
• Also used for wrapping around rebar for cer-
Mfr Part # Descrip on FLTIG Flint Igniter
exceed average mold life of 50 connec ons
• Features a Zinc
tain connec on styles Harger WRPSLV
Replacement Harger MLDSLR RPLFLT Flints
Harger MCBRSH1
Ultraseal plated finish Harger MH1
Chain Support Handle Clamps
Chain Support Kit
Disk Kit
• Used to securely hold the mold to a ver cal pipe (B & K series
• Convert standard mold handle clamps into chain
• Rests on bo om of crucible and holds weld metal powder in place un l reac on occurs
• New disk is required each  me weld is made • Disks are included with the Weld Metal
• Contains: -60 small
• A 20" length of chain which fits up to 4" pipes, comes with the
support clamps
-30 medium -30 large disks
chain support handle clamps • Includes a Flint Igniter (FLTIG) • Extra chain length is available
Used in Molds Box Part # Using (Weld Metal) Dia. Qty
Harger CSH1
DISK15/65 UWM15-UWM65 3/4" 20 DISK90/115 UWM90-UWM115 1" 10 DISK150/500 UWM150-UWM500 1-1/2" 10

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