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 Part Number  Description
 TFAH-US7B-34  ION-B Series High Power Remote Unit for Cellular 700, LMR 800, Cellular 850, LMR 900, AWS, PCS 1900, and WiMAX
 TFLN2504/4  ION-B Series Master Optical Transceiver, 700–2700 MHz
 TLCN2-W  ION-B Series Wideband Two-way Splitter/Combiner, 380-2700 MHz, 2 RF Ports per Section
 TLCN8-W  ION-B Series Wideband Eight-way Splitter/Combiner, 380-2700 MHz, 8 RF Ports per Section
 TPOI7/17  ION-B Series Multiband RF Point of Interface for Cellular 700 and AWS
 TPOI85/17/19E  ION-B Series Multiband RF Point of Interface for Cell 850, AWS, and PCS 1900 Extended
 TPRN14  ION-B Series Subrack, AC, +85 to +265 VAC
 TPRN34  ION-B Series Subrack, DC, -72 to -36 VDC
 TPSN1/28-150  ION-B Series Remote Units Power Supply Adapter, 150 W
 TRSN13-1  ION-B Series Remote Power Supply Unit, AC to DC, +85 to +264 VAC
 TSUN4  ION Remote Supervision Unit, +10 to +14 VDC
 TBP74  ION-B Blank Panel, 4HE
 7577534-01  793-805 / 763-775 MHz 700 PS Amplifier Module for the NODE A Repeater 30 dBm UL / 37 dBm DL Composite Powe. 94 dB Gain.
Slides into subrack.
 CELLMAX-D-CPUS  824-960 / 1710-2500 Indoor Antenna
 H-3-CPUSE-N-AI6  Air Dielectric Hybrid Coupler, 555–2700 MHz

ION is a registered trademark, respectively, of CommScope

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LD 520 - Digital Target Locator


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