Transtector’s New Small Cell 5G Enclosure

  • Jul 24, 2019

Small cells continue to be one of our industryís most rapidly growing applications. In nearly every small cell application, there is one common component: equipment enclosures.  

Enclosure selection, therefore, is a crucial step in small cell deployment. 

Issues to Consider When Selecting Small Cell Enclosures 

The most obvious question, but not the simplest to answer. What equipment is required today, and Is there a need for future expansion? Does the installation location dictate the size of the enclosure? Is pole-mounting a requirement? A broad range of options from a single source is a significant advantage.

Many locations, local governments, or other jurisdictions establish specific rules regarding the appearance of the enclosure. Localities often set forth aesthetic regulations for small cell facilities. 

Rules and Regulations
Similarly, certain applications may have specific requirements, whether these include UL listing, NEMA-rated enclosure construction, or other safety and durability ratings. (Realistically, UL listing should be a standard requirement for any enclosure application.) Choosing a supplier that engineers equipment to key industry standards eliminates any risk in this area.

Security is essential in small cell applications, yet equipment must be accessible in order to make the installation usable. Intuitive design, coupled with safe and secure construction, is the best combination.

Configurability & Modularity
Small Cell enclosures are ideal when they allow you to custom-configure your components based on your application needs of today and still utilize a ìfuture-proofî design accommodating modular changes, when your requirements change.

A Solution to Meet the Requirements of Today’s Dynamic Small Cell Applications
Transtectorís new Small Cell 5G Enclosures deliver a complete co-location approved solution, providing safe, non-obtrusive, lightweight and compact functionality. This new product line offers a comprehensive range of AC power distribution solutions for small cell applications, for virtually any interface.

- Contributed by Infinite and John Moe

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