Siemons ColorCodedCuffs™

  • Apr 30, 2020

Siemons ColorCodedCuffsTM

Carriers and Construction Management companies are recognizing the benefits of Siemon ColorCodedCuffsTM

As part of our commitment of offering high-quality products, Primus is proud to partner with The Siemon Company making this innovative product available to our customers. Designed as a safe and easy-to-install means of identifying carrier cable on cell towers, ColorCodedCuff ’s are made in the USA, are environmentally friendly, and offer 360º coverage for a secure fit.

- A superior alternative to vinyl tape
- Single piece injection molded design offers one handed installation, even while wearing gloves

- Installs without tools or a blade, with no need to remove any PPE.

- Installs right the first time, every time. No negative remarks on site audits due to poor or improper installation

- Designed for harsh environments and are composed of chemical-resistant materials that are designed to withstand UV exposure and extreme weather conditions.

- Nine (9) colors available for 1/2 ́foam coaxial cable

- No tools required to install - 3 year warranty

All colors stocked in depth, today at Primus. Also available on our webstore in packages of 100.

For more information, please contact Primus at 800- 435-1636 or [email protected]

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