Mission Critical Reliability - Bird Signal Boosters UHF, 700, 800 MHz

  • Aug 5, 2020

Equipped with advanced amplifier protection, the Signal Booster II+ from Bird provides Public Safety grade signal reliability and coverage in disadvantaged RF locations lacking in critical signal strength. Design innovations have delivered a light, compact design that provides more consistent and powerful signal coverage and amplification than ever before. New software capabilities provide critical local and remote status information allowing for real-time monitoring of critical systems. SBII+ is compatible with all Public Safety radio technologies including conventional analog, P25 standard, and FirstNet public safety LTE.


     -  The web browser user interface allows for local and network 


     -  Highly secure SNMP (v. 3.0) to send encrypted or in the clear system 

         status trap messages to an SNMP Manager.

     -  Easily perform remote firmware updates.

     -  Built in oscillation management and detection with multiple user 

         configurable choices.

     -  On board LED displays and remote OLC monitoring capability.

     -  Filtering is included to support most RF environments.

     -  Multiple power configurations: AC primary, DC primary or AC primary 

         with DC backup.

     -  NFPA/IFC option includes all the alarms and battery backup 

         configuration options to comply with the standards.

     -  Custom models available.

If you have any questions about Bird's Signal Boosters, contact a Primus Sales rep at 800-435-1636 or [email protected]

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