100 Amp Redundant Isolation Module

Part#: ICT100-RIM

100 Amp Redundant Isolation Module

100 Amp Redundant Isolation Module

    The ICT 100 Amp Redundant Isolation Module allows for a safe parallel connection of two DC power supplies or DC-DC converters to create an N+1
    fault-tolerant redundant power system. In the unlikely event where one of the power supplies experiences an output short to ground failure, the ICT
    Redundant Isolation Module instantly disconnects the non-functioning power source to prevent the system bus voltage from falling, and prevents large
    reverse peak currents, which could cause damage to the remaining power supply.
    ICT has implemented an active design approach using MOSFET!s, which has the advantage of being smaller and lighter, more efficient with less conversion
    loss and heat buildup, and has less voltage drop than traditional ORing Schottky diodes. This addresses the primary downside to traditional ORing
    diodes, which is the high voltage drop and the increased power dissipation loss in the ORing diodes as power requirements for the system increases. This loss
    can be up to 10 times higher using a traditional ORing diode.
    The ICT Redundant Isolation Module is designed to connect directly to the outputs of two ICT Platinum Series or Pro Series power supplies, saving space and simplifying installation. It also comes with mounting flanges for mounting flexibility, and can be used with any matching DC power supplies or DC-DC converters.


    PackageQuantity 1
    Length 5.3"
    Width 3.4"
    Height 0.95"