Part#: 2T

#2 Solid tinned wire

#2 Solid tinned wire

This wire is sold by the foot and can be cut to length.

Manufacturer HARGER, INC.

    Tinned Solid 2 AWG Solft-Drawn Bare Copper

    • Weighs 201 poiunds per 1000 feet
    • Cross-sectional area equal to 66,370 circular mils
    • Conductor diameter = 0.258"
    • Meets the requirements of ASTM B3 and B33
    • For use as grounding conductor


    Jacket Copper
    Weight 0.25 lb.
    Manufacturer HARGER, INC.
    Finish Tinned
    WireGauge 2 AWG
    Insulated False
    Diameter .275 in.
    Width .25 in.
    Height 12 in.
    Depth .25 in

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