Tower/Wireless Infrastructure

Primus provides a complete supply chain of tower equipment which allows citizens, businesses, and government to access information that is essential to the well-being and productivity of all.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

The public's enjoyment of cultural, entertainment, and sporting events is heightened with unlimited access to reliable communications. Primus' DAS technologies help you stay connected with solutions that deliver coverage and capacity with reliable wireless service in challenging environments.

Land Mobile Radio

From first responders to dispatched services with large vehicle fleets, Primus helps power your land mobile radio system with interoperability solutions that allow seamless communication between all units and those in need of assistance.

Public Safety

Primus works with Planning and IT officials from design through installation and operation so that key officials and departments experience totally reliable connectivity. These solutions create a better informed public and improved security through early warnings, pubic alerts, and disaster preparedness.

Utilities / Oil and Gas

An informed investment in telecom helps pave the way for next-generation energy solutions. Whether the need is for custom-designed or in-stock configurations, Primus provides the communications infrastructure that enables utilities to better monitor and control the production and delivery of power, gas, and electricity.


Travelers have spoken: they want total connectivity at all times. Wi-Fi services and a power outlet at every seat can increase ridership. The wide-ranging telecom solutions available from Primus meet the demands of consumers and also keep dispatchers connected to trains, buses, trucks, and ships that transport people and cargo and foster economic growth.


High-speed connectivity can increase enrollment through greater access to courses and study materials. When students can use remote learning, there are fewer absences caused by illness or truancy. Primus' communication solutions let school officials communicate swiftly with students, parents, employees, and neighbors. Primus delivers solutions that facilitate instruction and help protect people, buildings, equipment, and intellectual property.


Primus provides telecommunications solutions that enable healthcare professionals to monitor patient health remotely, prevent life-threatening events, and quickly connect with first responders.

Safety and Industry Training

Being safe on the job is not only a requirement, but also fundamental to completing a project on time. Primus has an extensive inventory of safety products from the highest quality manufacturers and is committed to helping customers acquire skills and competencies required to gain maximum value from product purchases and perform work safely.

Industry Training

Primus is excited to offer a number of classes, certifications, and educational presentations for your product and fall protection training needs. Click below to view popular trainings offered through our partners.


Cable Processing

Primus can supply all of your custom and standard cable assemblies from names you trust in the industry.

Order Customization

We can help you design and produce the products you need and customize part numbers to streamline your ordering process.


Primus provides you with innovative and practical logistic services that simplify complex processes and add value to every transaction.

Staging and Site-Kitting

We will ease your ordering process by kitting your materials and delivering them in one shipment.

Industry Training

Primus offers a number of classes, certifications, and product trainings to meet your requests.

Elliptical Waveguide

Primus has waveguide cable stocked and ready to be cut and pressurized for your specific needs.